"Sending our children to ABC’s For Children was an excellent decision. The teachers and staff made the transition very easy for everyone. Over the past year and a half, ABC's has helped our children develop both socially and intellectually. Our children look forward to going each day and its comforting to know that they are in good hands."

-EW - February


"We have been taking our son to ABC's For Children for about 8 months and couldn't be happier! The ladies are wonderful and I know he is safe and in good hands. He loves going to "school" and I can tell he is learning quite a lot there. Especially love Shannon, Megan, Susan, Nicole and Jessica. They are wonderful!"

-GM - March


"My son has only been attending ABC's For Children for about 5 months now, but so far it has been a great experience for us. He loves going to school there. Every day when I come to pick him up he tells me how much fun he's had. I have already noticed an improvement in his listening skills and learning abilities. The teachers there are very friendly and compassionate. They do an outstanding job of planning activities for the kids such as field trips and having special guests visit. I'm also impressed with how well the staff keeps the parents informed of things. Every week they send out an email that summarizes everything the kids did that week, with pictures included. The email also includes important reminders for the parents. They also send out a monthly newsletter that encompasses all of the important events that have taken place that month. Lastly, my favorite thing about ABC's is that the teachers send home a daily report card of my son's behavior and activities informing me of his performance that day."

–JZ - February


"We made the choice for our three children to attend ABC's and are extremely happy to have made this choice. We sent our first child to two different daycares before finally landing on ABC's and sticking with it ever since. We truly feel that it is an extension of our home. Seven years ago, we were nervous about sending our children to daycare, but they have all thrived at ABC's. They learned things there that we never would have thought to teach them at home! We have a tremendous rapport with their teachers and the center's management. I would highly recommend ABC's!"

–LB - January


"ABC's For Children is an excellent daycare facility. The daycare has a very nice facility, educational structure and activities, and very caring teachers. The nursery staffs are extremely caring and loving towards the babies and the structured play keeps the babies engaged all day long. My child loves coming to ABC's to see her teachers and friends and we love knowing that she will be safe and looked after so well each day."

–LH - January


"We interviewed several daycare centers local to us and couldn't be happier with our decision to send our child to ABC's for Children. Our entire experience has been wonderful since day one. As most new parents are, we were apprehensive to begin sending our child to daycare but the staff at ABC's has provided exceptional care and communication every step of the way. I feel that the program is very well structured and we have received regular updates regarding developmental milestones. The nursery staffs are excellent with our child. They are always willing to accommodate any changes in schedule, diet and activities as they arise. We feel that ABC's consistently provides a safe and nurturing environment that is exactly what we were searching for our child."

-MF - January


"We are really happy that we chose ABC's For Children for our son. The teachers are very nurturing and kind - they provide stimulating activities and a weekly email with a recap and picture from each day. I am very comfortable at work because I know he is well cared for - they have called with any questions or concerns that they have had. The administrative staff is very accommodating and their communication skills regarding paperwork, etc. is excellent."

–KK - January


"One of the biggest compliments you can give someone is to trust them with your children. I recall my first time dropping off our 12 wk old son in the nursery. The staff welcomed me to sit with him until I was ready to leave (the first day was hard for me, not our son!) By the time our daughter was born, I was so comforted knowing who she would spend her days with when away from us. Our son is now 4 and in the preschool program, which is wonderful! Having a program that was NAEYC accredited was very important to us in choosing a child care facility. Staff turnover is at a minimum, which is a very positive sign in the child care field. Folks are not in it for a big paycheck - they are there because they love what they do and are good at what they do. I have recommended ABCs to family and friends. I could go on and on, but when my son turns the corner to his classroom and he and his teacher squeal with delight when they see each other, well, what's better than that?"

KJF  - September


"ABC's For Children has been a daycare dream come true for my family. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and full of love for the kids. For three years now, we have been going to ABC's and our two kids have learned so much from attending the program. There's no better place in my mind that ABC's for Children."

Guest: 79243


"The best decision I ever made! Both of our children went to ABC's For Children. They surpassed our expectations and helped us develop smart, caring and well-mannered children. Our children had a great start at ABC's."

by KD-3 from Pittsburgh, PA - March


"Wonderful nurturing and caring experience for our children from the nursery all the way to Kindergarten/Transition."

— M. Rocca


"My wife and I have professional careers. She is a part-time insurance premium auditor and I am a State Administrative appeals judge. We enrolled our son at ABC's For Children after visiting number of area day care/preschool programs. When our daughter was born, we made a decision that although, economically, it made little sense for my wife to continue with her part-time employment and enroll two children daycare, the social, educational, and personal development evident by our son's experience at ABC's has been undeniably enriching. Our son was far ahead in language and social skills than most children his age. We attribute his intellectual development to the dedicated great caregivers, a professional full-time administrator, and an accredited program that is truly developmental, but not overreaching. The staff of ABC's For Children is evaluated and measured every day by of our children. As long as they are excited to tell us about their day then we are content we are making the right decision. They tell the true story."

— A. & J. Frioni


"ABC's For Children is a wonderful childcare provider. It is such a great feeling to know that your children are being taken care of with such an outstanding staff.  It is a priceless feeling to have the kids so excited and not scared to be dropped off in the morning. The knowledge, behaviors and skill that the kids have developed at ABC's is greatly appreciated and beneficial to their development. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a childcare provider that you consider ABC's at the top of your list. Thanks for all the great times."

— J. Lodics


"A happy child makes for happy parents and our daughter has enjoyed many happy times at ABC's. Our daughter, now of school age, has been attending ABC's since 6 months of age and we can confidently call ABC's her "home away from home." She has grown both socially and academically during her 5 years and counting at ABC's. The teachers are professional and are dedicated to furthering the education of the students. From the academic curriculum to the spring/summer field trips, ABC's is a structured yet fun learning environment. The Kindergarten program at ABC's has sufficiently prepared our daughter for a smooth transition into school within our school district. The friends that she has made at ABC's have become like family and she will continue many of these friendships as she remains a school age student at ABC's. With the center's school age program, our daughter can take the bus from ABC's to our local school and enjoy some playtime with her friends both before and after school. We highly recommend ABC's Daycare and you will be pleased with the high level of care and education that your child will receive at the center."

— MAW - September


"Our son has been attending ABC's for two years and we feel so lucky to have found the perfect nurturing and learning environment for him. Each and every day the teachers and staff are beyond dedicated to provide exceptional care and learning...all within the confines of a loving and secure environment. We are beyond happy with our decision to enroll our son at ABC's and we highly recommend their accredited program and wonderful teachers to anyone looking for the perfect daycare program."

— WJ - August


"Coming from a mother who had serious reservations about leaving her 4-month-old preemie in the care of people who didn't know him at a daycare, ABC's has become a second family to us! Our now 2 1/2 year old son loves going to ABC's every day - he talks about his friends and the staff at home and he prays for them at night before he goes to sleep. The setting is a fun and highly educational learning environment. Prior to our son even turning 2, he could count to 10 and knew several colors and has since grown passionate about singing, dancing, reading and pretending - all things the staff does with the children daily. My husband and I have a great relationship with the staff allowing us to keep a constant flow of communication going between them about our son's daily care and development. We have never had a single complaint about ABC's and look forward to sending our next child to the nursery in March when he/she arrives this winter! "

— JGY - September


"Our two oldest children attended a childcare center near my wife’s place of employment. As our oldest child approached school age, we began to explore other options and childcare centers that differentiated themselves with a stronger focus on early education and academics. My wife first toured ABC’s for Children and then insisted that I visit the center the following morning (which didn’t really matter as my mind had already been made for me). I was extremely impressed from the first day I stepped in the center and have been only more impressed each day since. Three of our children have traversed the preschool and school age classrooms – and in each instance they have been embraced by the staff and engaged by the curriculum.  We have been extremely pleased with our decision to send our children to ABC’s. The only difficulty with ABC’s is getting my kids to say goodbye during the morning drop-off because they are so excited to be there with their teachers and friends for the day."

- J.A. - June


"I am so thrilled to be sending my children to ABC's For Children. I was impressed when I started sending my toddler there and I have grown to love this school so much. We see photos of their activities and there is excellent communication between teachers and parents. I can see an improvement in my son's speech, social skills, listening skills, his knowledge of numbers, letters, and so much more. Upon having our second child, we knew that ABCs would provide the best care. I never imagined I could feel so confident leaving an 8-week-old for a full day of care five days a week, but my transition to work was so easy. The nursery teachers are so wonderful, my baby smiles at them each morning. I totally and completely recommend this school."

-K.D. - May


"We love ABC's! After poor experiences elsewhere, ABC's helped our son grow emotionally, socially, and - of course! - academically. All his teachers were wonderfully prepared, kind, and smart, especially Miss Chris. We knew he was being left in good hands every day. He formed warm friendships and bonded with classmates over a stunning variety of activities. We saw him learn so much about responsibility, respect for others, as well as respond to the academic adventures. We love the school so much that our baby (on the way) will be an ABC's kid, too."

-T.T. - April