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Summer, Before and After School Care

This program is derived from our school’s mission and philosophies. We connect these developmental milestones of physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth and move these children into a deeper understanding of the world around them. Our in-depth discussions about the world and thyself encourage these children to think abstractly, understand ideals, and develop articulately.

With an emphasis on developing the soul, we provide a multicultural curriculum. These children are given ownership over their program. With materials and the opportunities provided; these Kreative Kids can transform their hard work into ongoing projects. Individual creativity, as well as team work, has enabled us to reach out to the surrounding communities and empower these children to make a difference in their world. With the freedom to choose from a variety of resources; we have built a world within our classroom, preparing these children for a multi-ethnic future.
The Kreative Kids have their own, school age, playground and sports court. We have ongoing games of soccer, kickball, baseball, softball, dodge-ball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, and golf. This is an area where the Kreative Kids have the opportunity to strengthen their skills in physical and emotional play.
Independence and liberty thrives in the mindset of these Kreative Kids. With their high energy and desire to make a difference in their own lives as well as others; these children have the opportunity to volunteer within the community and the school. Art, music, and dance has transformed into dramatic performances daily, weekly, and annually. Literacy, math, and science is incorporated into each activity as a whole child experience. With a profound understanding of the developmental spectrum; we customize groups and activities based on each child’s needs and desires.
Our social studies curriculum is unique in the way that we primarily focus on social and life skills. With the use of dramatic play, Chicken Soup stories, ethnic fables, and understanding the world as a whole; our social skills program is where the soul grows mostly. Role playing and sharing personal experiences has empowered these children to feel valued in the fact that they are not alone. The teachers of the Kreative Kids take advantage of every moment to teach each child, one on one.


Kreative Kids Challenge Camp

Kids can try Woodworking, Horticulture, Theater, Dance, Karate, Cooking Clubs, Science Experiments, Media Centers, Enriched Arts!
Our enrichment offers the opportunities for your child to build a desire and learn a love for horticulture and botany through planting their own garden of flowers, herbs, veggies, pumpkins, and more. Our gardens will be designed by the children themselves. Through wood work, the children will have an opportunity to design these gardens as they wish. They may design tables, stands, and chairs to place in these gardens. Through sanding, finishing, and repainting these wooden amenities, they will have ownership as decorators and creators of their environment.
The children as gardeners will use these fresh veggies for cooking club. We will make homemade pasta and homemade sauces along with many other fresh foods from these gardens. The children will have the opportunity for dramatic play, turning these foods created in cooking clubs into memorable experiences. In the past and going forward, the children have designed their own mini restaurants in their classrooms by serving their friends. They also designed their own aprons and table cloths and performed ethnic dances, theater performances, and other multicultural experiences. These mini performances were then performed at their own restaurants, on our stage, playgrounds, at our potlucks, and also for the school! Our cooking clubs create snack bars and stands to help raise money for causes which make a difference.
The children of Kreative Kids Challenge Camp will be provided with daily science experiments, science fairs, media centers, and all developmental domain child choice experiences throughout the day. Water play time, water games and all sports are offered and played daily. With two playgrounds, two dance classes, karate, book clubs, social skills, and team building experiences, these children build a relationship that is lifelong.
Our amazing art experiences consist of pottery, knitting, painting, drawing, theater, sewing, and more! If you are interested in signing your child up for these amazing experiences, please contact ABC’s For Children Inc.


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